P E A C E   H O L I D A Y



A call for a National Peace Holiday to take place on Wednesday, November 3rd in order to greet the newly elected War President, whether Skull or Bones – or on the day after the election is cancelled. Like the first Peace Holiday held the day the war in Iraq began, the Nov. 3rd Peace Holiday would ask people to consider doing all or any of the following:


* STAY HOME: Call in sick, call in tired, call in sick and tired.

* CLOSE YOUR BUSINESS:  No business as usual.

* BUY NOTHING:  Resist shopping for 24 hours.

* STOP DRIVING:  Don’t drive or be driven on this day.

* CELEBRATE PEACE:  Organize resistance.

* EXAMINE OUR PATH: Towards peace, social justice, quality of life.


In the spirit of the holiday, some of us will spend time with friends and family.  For those who are constrained to work by our wage slave system, this holiday from buying would free us of that service.  

   Peace people need to be at the forefront of civil resistance should Bush fraudulently or otherwise gain a second term. Of equal importance, we need to counter the pervasive “lesser of two evils” message with an unambiguous challenge to the Democratic Party Commander in Chief that this does not mean an acquiescence to war.  

   Election night Tuesday– or the night the election is cancelled – some of us can gather together to watch the media spin and stay together overnight.  This would position us for activities the next day. With our cars safely tucked away for the day, we can spend it celebrating with music, theater and dance. A coordinated time could be chosen for a nation-wide or global period of meditation. A carnival appealing especially to kids might be in order.  We can walk into our neighborhoods and business districts for a concerted End the War effort – perhaps interrupting the usual flow of traffic in the name of Stopping Driving or otherwise focusing on media, military and corporate centers, where the war against peoples and planet is promulgated. Wherever three of us are gathered together, there’s an affinity group to do it!


The Peace Holiday Project – RX for public sanity Join us at peaceholiday@yahoogrops.com



Martin Luther King April 4, 1967 speech on Vietnam:

Regarding responsibilities to spirit


We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history there is such a thing as being too late. Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked and dejected with a lost opportunity. The "tide in the affairs of men" does not remain at the flood; it ebbs. We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage, but time is deaf to every plea and rushes on. Over the bleached bones and jumbled residue of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: "Too late." There is an invisible book of life that faithfully records our vigilance or our neglect. "The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on..." We still have a choice today; nonviolent coexistence or violent co-annihilation.


We must move past indecision to action. We must find new ways to speak for peace in Vietnam (Iraq?) and justice throughout the developing world -- a world that borders on our doors. If we do not act we shall surely be dragged down the long dark and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.         

Full text at http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/45a/058.html




Join us in a discovery of the power of our communities by informing your community and organization. Sign the PeaceHoliday petition at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/PHoliday/petition.html , join our listserve peaceholiday@yahoogroups.com and include your organizational page & link here,



Issue Coordinator: Paul Encimer

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IT Coordinator: BC Macdonald

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International Coordinator: Tom Cahill

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Handout prototype…



Peace Holiday

Nov. 3rd

or the day after the elections are called off

Stop, Look, Listen

To Your Heart,

To Your Spirit

For Your Community

 For America,

For the World









Organize resistance.


Towards peace,

social justice,

& quality of life