Peace Holiday International, November 3, 2004

Because US elections have long affected the entire world, those of
us  Americans who are unhappy with both candidates for president, call on
our allies everywhere on the globe to join us in a Peace Holiday,
Wednesday, November 3--the day after the election.  We are asking citizens
of the world to join us in expressing our displeasure at the continuing
fascist-like regime in the

Especially since the demise of the
Soviet Union more than a decade
ago, the
United States government has made it clear that whoever you are
and wherever you live on the planet, if you are not part of its small,
privileged group, you are open to exploitation.  So if you are not a member
of some international corporate gang dominated by the
USA, you are fair
game to the ruling elite based in
Washington, DC.

But we freedom and democracy-loving people are not powerless. Our
collective voice can have an impact.  Last year, on Feb. 15, 2003, between
fifteen and thirty million of us all over the world marched and
demonstrated against the US-led invasion of Iraq.  We didn't stop the war
machine but many of us are convinced the Bush Administration and the
Pentagon drastically amended their plan of "shock and awe" that might have
Baghdad and other cities in Iraq by missile and aircraft to teach
the world a lesson.  "You are with us or against us," Pres. Bush himself so
arrogantly announced to the world..

We believe the world is a community not a market to be exploited.
We urge all people of good will to join us on Nov. 3, regardless of who
wins the election in the
USA.  No business as usual, no school that day.
Buy nothing, stay at home and celebrate peace by continuing to organize
resistance to the
US government.

Check out our web site at  And e-mail us your
ideas at  Please join us in this effort.

Tom Cahill
Holiday International Coordinator