Peace Holiday is a tool intended to facilitate actions taken by a large variety of concerned people in the United States and beyond.


Tools for change needed by communities and organizations will be created around this central event as each action group requires in order to meet its own goals for cultural evolution.  


This is an opportunity to coalesce around our strengths and form communities of action and resolve by clearly stating our individual goals, and common yearnings, for the spirit of great human endeavor and advancement of American and planetary society.


Speak your truth to power and know it is our common goal.


* * * * * PROCESS * * * * *


1. We will post and link a page of your event interpretations and goals on this site and invite your organization to discover and document towards that end. Submissions may be in any format but must be limited to one text page and should rely on text rather than images to guide readers to your larger message and site with minimal distraction. Embedded links can guide interested searchers to your information and graphically intensive pages.

Submissions may be sent via (PHlistserve).


2. Management of site content will be by consensus seeking supermajority of category and organization individuals/organizations via issue presentation and 3 day disussion/2 day vote format on . Style and formatting issues will be considered imperatives for action within the capabilities of web staff and will be brought back to the list for further help and resolution.


3. Partisan or inappropriate content will not be posted to site. We ask you to take full responsibility for messages and spirit portrayed here.


* * * * * * * * * *


Peace Holiday: a tool to discover and focus community efforts for just outcomes.


The intent of the Peace Holiday effort is to discover the elements of action coalition in our culture and to create process that will add critical synergy to our efforts towards an egalitarian and just society.   May our efforts prosper.


BC Macdonald, IT site manager   ~~ Albion Nation on North Coast CA